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Water park equipment regular update and operation guide

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How long is the service life of water park equipment? This is a problem that every investor will consider when investing in water park and choosing water park equipment. It depends on the material of the equipment purchased by the customer. Different materials have different service life. Some customers buy inflatable water amusement equipment. The service life of this kind of equipment is relatively short, generally about one or two years. If it is made of fiberglass, the service life is relatively long, generally about ten years.

 What is the service life of water park equipment?

1. Product material: different materials have different service life;

2. Product quality: products from different manufacturers have different quality and different service life;

3. Daily maintenance: if properly maintained, the service life of water amusement equipment will be extended. If not maintained, the service life may be shorter. There has been a guide on how to maintain the operation before. You can have a look at it.

 Can water amusement equipment continue to be used after its service life?

There are three reasons why we do not recommend to continue to use and update new equipment

1. The equipment is old, which makes people feel bad. Many tourists may not be interested in playing as soon as they see the old equipment;

2. The equipment beyond the service life has potential safety hazard, which is prone to other conditions and accidents, and the loss of the business will be greater;

3. The water amusement equipment that has been used for more than years is a violation of regulations. If it does not get the inspection certificate from the municipal special equipment inspection center, it will be punished if it continues to use the equipment that has been used for more than years.

Why should water park equipment be updated regularly?

From the perspective of safety, the equipment of any water park will be affected by the weather, human, time and other factors in the process of use. The service life of any equipment has a certain period of time, and the equipment with serious age or damage will have serious safety problems. However, it is an important duty of the water park to provide safe experience service. In order to ensure the safety of the equipment, it is necessary to It is necessary to update or introduce new equipment to replace old equipment.

From the perspective of market demand, the trend is constantly changing, and people's demand wind direction will also change. They like to pursue new things. If the amusement equipment remains unchanged and there is no injection of new products, it will greatly affect the revisit rate of tourists, thus affecting the development of the whole water park. Therefore, the change is inevitable. In order to meet people's changing needs and create a more novel and interesting experience, the water park should be improved The equipment renewal of amusement park is one of the ways to achieve this goal.

From the perspective of operation, updating the equipment of the water park is conducive to providing a scheme for the marketing of the park. We can take the opportunity of updating the equipment to launch related theme activities and attract customers to come for consumption, so as to enhance the freshness and interest of the park and improve the vitality of the park. Regular updating is an important means to maintain the attraction and competitiveness of the park. Therefore, the renewal of water park equipment is particularly important!

With the continuous improvement of people's demand for leisure and entertainment, the water park industry has ushered in a stage of rapid development, so in this environment, it is particularly important to improve the attraction of water park to tourists. In a certain period of time, we should stop or update the equipment of the water park according to the market demand and the actual situation of the use of the equipment, which is not only conducive to ensuring the safe operation of the amusement equipment, but also can improve the freshness and revisit rate of tourists.

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