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The black hole has been unveiled, and the water park equipme

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1: Artificial wave making equipment is generally realized in two ways: the first is wind pressure wave making, also known as artificial wave making; the equipment is mainly composed of centrifugal blower, air compressor, also known as blast wave making; the second is energy storage wave making, also known as tsunami pool. The first can produce waves up to 1.2 meters high, and the second can produce huge waves up to 1.5-3 meters high. There are ten waveforms. The blue waves are surging and the flowers are flying in the waves, which can match with the artificial beach. So that tourists can enjoy the rough waves, experience the pleasure of surf and walk on the beach.

2: In the planning and construction of children's water play sketch pool water park, children's water play sketch is an essential equipment. Children's water play equipment is interesting, scientific and thrilling, which is widely loved by the majority of teenagers and children. It has played a positive role in enriching people's entertainment life, exercising people's physique, edifying people's sentiment, beautifying the water park environment and making the water park look colorful.

3: Small and medium-sized shuizhaichi Shuizhai, also known as water house, is an interactive castle of water park. It covers an area of tens of square meters to thousands of square meters, and its height also ranges from several meters to more than ten meters. It is one of the indispensable projects of the water park, which is a comprehensive water amusement facility composed of slides in various conventional water park equipment, playing skits and packaging styles according to different themes. Our company designed and produced a large number of water villages, but also a variety of theme packaging: Pirate series, marine life series, ethnic customs series, forest kingdom series, Maya culture series, etc., which can be customized for customers.

4: Hillside slide belongs to comprehensive sports equipment, hillside slide is a kind of bearing embodiment of children from climbing to sliding. Children play slide need firm will and confidence, can cultivate their courage. When children climb the two meter high platform and "swish" down, they can enjoy the joy of success. The safety performance of hillside slide is high, and it can also inject vitality into children's or family parent-child activities.

5: Standard swimming pool with the campus examination, swimming is included in the selection project, which gives the movement a different mission. Generally, there is no swimming pool in the early built campus, so the construction of standard swimming pool has become a compulsory project. At the same time, adults can also play.

6: Rainbow slide (optional item) rainbow competition slide is a very classic and mature water park slide. It has multiple parallel designs, generally 2-8 tracks. It can be self sliding or sliding on the carpet to compete. The device has strong interactivity, so that tourists can participate in the competition with their families and friends, and enjoy family affection and friendship, which brings incomparable joy in the game!

7: Spiral slide spiral slide is also one of the commonly used slides, which can meet the needs of children and adults. It can not only play with human body, but also take rafts. It is the most popular and classic water amusement equipment in water parks, suitable for large, medium and small water parks.

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