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How to choose the most cost-effective water park equipment?

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Some people say that the selection of water park equipment only needs to follow four points: first, the origin (equipment factory), second, the market, third, the price and fourth, the appearance. In fact, there are many tips to choose water park equipment. Let's have a look!

With the popularity of water park projects, there is an upsurge of water park around the world, and manufacturers are springing up. When investors choose manufacturers in the initial stage of investment, there will be such a problem: there are differences in the quotation of water park equipment produced by different manufacturers. Some prices are very different. Should the equipment be expensive or cheap? What affects the quotation of water park facilities?

raw material

With different raw materials, the quoted prices of water park facilities are naturally different. All powerful manufacturers have long-term cooperation businesses, and the prices of raw materials obtained by taking goods in batches are naturally cheaper than those of small manufacturers. PVC is the main material used in water park equipment, and the factors that affect the price of PVC materials are the difference of mesh cloth and thickness. Generally, according to the function of water amusement equipment, which thickness of material to use for production is determined.


Workmanship is the technological process. If the water park equipment production process is not standardized, the production efficiency will be greatly reduced, and the service life of the equipment will not be long. If the manufacturer's production process is standardized and the technology is proficient, the service life of the water park equipment will be long. The price of water park facilities with good workmanship is certainly higher than that of rough workmanship, but the equipment with good workmanship is also worthy of investors' choice.


Big manufacturers can not only guarantee the quality of products, but also the novelty of the appearance of equipment. Large manufacturers will be equipped with professional R & D and design teams to develop more functional and beautiful new water amusement equipment. Water amusement equipment with novel appearance and interesting unique play methods can attract more tourists and create higher value, so most investors will also tend to cooperate with large manufacturers. If investors choose to cooperate with irregular manufacturers in order to save money, they have to bear the risk that after-sales service can not keep up.

Supporting services

Brand manufacturers of water park not only sell equipment, but also think about problems from the perspective of investors. They have offered a series of professional services, such as design planning, publicity planning, operation scheme, operation management, staff training, equipment installation and after-sales support, so that investors can operate without worry. On the contrary, it is difficult for some small manufacturers to provide these services, so the quotation of water park facilities is not the factor to choose the manufacturer.


Sales of any product are divided into low season and peak season, and water park equipment is no exception. Generally, water parks start operation around May Day every year. If investors rush to order equipment after May, the order volume of manufacturers will continue to increase with the passage of time, which is what we call peak sales season. At this time, the list is too busy, and the quoted price of water park facilities will certainly not be reduced. In winter, due to the small order volume, manufacturers will have a lot of inventory. At this time, manufacturers will choose small profits but quick turnover, just like the down jacket in winter, the price is high, and the summer sale is a truth.

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