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How much do you need to build a water park?

Date:2022-09-14 16:35   Click:649

Water park investors are most concerned about how many years to earn back the investment and achieve profitability. The amount of the investment can be determined by combining conditions your company and the local market. 

Overview: The investment cost of a water park can be roughly divided into the following major parts.

1. Land cost and civil construction cost

The cost of water parks and the cost of civil works are the largest in water park investment, usually accounting for more than one-half of the total investment. The construction cost of the civil works and the cost of water park equipment are about 1.8:1.

2, Water park equipment

The cost of water park equipment is also the main cost of water park construction, including water slides, wave pool equipment, water treatment equipment and other supporting facilities.

3. Operating costs
Operating costs include labor, electric, water, advertising, services, management etc., and operational planning can be self-regulating.
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