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Factors to make a success water park:

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Water parks must be profitable, which has a direct relationship with the planning and construction of the previous period. How to rationally plan the natural beauty of the water park becomes the core point, mainly considering the following directions:

A. After obtaining the results of the research on the market and resources of the proposed project, and preliminary research on the project strategy and investment control opinions, the project construction plan should be carried out.

B. During the design of the construction plan, the work described in other chapters should continue to deepen and strengthen communication with the designer so that the project can meet both regulatory requirements and engineering and finance as much as possible. To fully realize the project objectives.

C. The design of the construction plan is an important part of the feasibility study of the project, and it has the role of inheriting the past and the future.

(1) On the basis of market and resource research, conduct in-depth research and propose engineering and technical solutions to achieve project objectives and project strategies.

(2) Provide conditions for subsequent analysis such as investment estimation, project financing, cost analysis and financial evaluation.

(3) The technical and economic comparisons carried out repeatedly in the design of the construction plan will achieve project optimization
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