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  • Meizhou Fengshun Haitang Bay Water Park Installation

    Meizhou Fengshun Haitang Bay Water Park...

    2024-04-16 Details
  • Factors to make a success water park:

    Water parks must be profitable, which has a direct relationship with the planning and construction of the previous period. How to rationally plan the natural beauty of the water park becomes the core point, mainly considering the following directions: A. After obtaining the results of the research on the market and resources of the proposed project, and preliminary research on the project strategy and investment control opinions, the project construction plan should be carried out. B. During the design of the construction plan, the work described in other chapters should continue t......

    2022-09-14 Details
  • Advantages of water park, compared to land amusement park


    2022-09-14 Details
  • How much do you need to build a water park?


    2022-09-14 Details
  • How to choose the most cost-effective water park equipment?

    Some people say that the selection of water park equipment only needs to follow four points: first, the origin (equipment factory), second, the market, third, the price and fourth, the appearance. In fact, there are many tips to choose water...

    2021-06-10 Details
  • The black hole has been unveiled, and the water park equipme

    1: Artificial wave making equipment is generally realized in two ways: the first is wind pressure wave making, also known as artificial wave making; the equipment is mainly composed of centrifugal blower, air compressor, also known as blas...

    2021-06-10 Details
  • Water park equipment regular update and operation guide

    How long is the service life of water park equipment? This is a problem that every investor will consider when investing in water park and choosing water park equipment. It depends on the material of the equipment purchased by the customer....

    2021-06-10 Details
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